Open the door to virtual reality

Experience with your team,

how to collaborate in VR today.

Each of you physically somewhere else, yet together in one virtual space.

You don't need anything; we'll bring the VR goggles and guide you through everything.

We bring

We will deliver the VR headset to your doorstep anywhere in the Czech Republic and the EU. Just put it on and meet us in virtual reality

Focus on business

Our workshops are playful, but they are not for playing. Your team will try out real working VR applications and think about the use of VR for your business.

Get ahead

Everyone can do Zoom etc. and we're all sick of it. Find out what virtual meetings and collaboration can look like today.

What does virtual reality actually look like?

Who has already tried it with us?

Want to be next?

And what do the participants say?

It opened my eyes. I believe it's part of the future. It already has friendly controls for my generation :)
Pavel Nepala Renomia
Virtual reality is moving forward in leaps and bounds, and thanks to these advances, it is no longer just a toy for a few enthusiasts, but a product that has great potential for use in industry.
Tomáš Slavík Mondi
Fantastic! Thank you very much. I'm still going to enjoy my weekend in VR. My wife is nervous about it... :)
Radek Janeček Squire Patton Boggs
You have a super product, from the communication, to the delivery and pick up of the kit, the instruction, the workshop itself, and the inspiration. Thank you!
Bára Pelcová The Global Exec.

Petr Moravec

Co-founder, humancraft

Aleš Stýblo

Partner & Group General Manager, LASVIT

Roman Senecký

COO, Mondi

Ondrej Parpel

CEO, OPT OnDemand

Application examples

Team collaboration

Applications that allow meeting, creating, daily communication, use of virtual office but also environment for interviews, onboarding or 1:1

Examples: Spatial, Glue, VRChat, Horizon Workrooms

Mental well-being and mindfulness 

The intense visual sensations make VR a good mental health aid. We can transport ourselves to nature, effectively relieve stress and concentrate better.

Examples: Liminal, Flow, Tripp, Readymind

Soft skills development

VR allows simulation of situations and training in a safe environment. This is useful, for example, for dealing with cultural differences, diversity & inclusion or presentation anxiety

Examples: Bodyswaps, Virtualspeech

Hard skills development

One of the most widespread applications is mock training. Whether it's for work safety, fire protection or repetitive tasks - with VR it means "anytime from anywhere".

Examples: Safety VR training, Fire Extinguisher VR, Transformer oil sampling

Who is behind the project

Martin Holečko
Co-founder of Etnetera Group
Founder Future Port Prague
Luboš Malý
ex-Innovations Director The LEGO Group
Co-founder of Red Button network
Michal Šrajer
Co-founder of Happiness@Work
Co-founder of Workshop Box
Jindřich Lukeš
Pavel Kroupa
Lean/L&D/Innovation Professional

A little extra for the curious

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