In-Person Experience - Live and onsite workshop

Introduction and Expectations - 10 min

Onboarding to VR - "VR graduation„ - 60 min

  • Introducing the VR set, creating an avatar, mastering virtual quests and a VR toast at the endk

Q&A and presentation "Why VR and Why Now„ - 20 min

  • Reflection, Facts about VR, The Future of Work

Break - 10 min

VR possibilities at work - 50 min

  • Examples of available applications - can be adapted to the
    specific focus of the workshop
    1. Online-Offline-VIrtual - Future of Collaboration
    2. Learning and development on the brink of virtualization
    3. Slow and Curious - mental wellbeing in VR

Reflection at the virtual campfire - 30 min

  • What we have experienced

Optional discussion - 60/120 min

  • What opportunities are opening for your company

Price (all prices exclude VAT):

➔ Includes Team workshop in VR with a capacity of 15 participants around EU - 2-3 lecturers
(at least 1 on-site)
➔ Delivery of VR sets Oculus Quest 2 to addresses (everything prepared and sanitized)
➔ Rental and On-site set-up and preparation of VR headsets
➔ Photos of the event; materials and resources for further experimentation

  • EUR 3000/group of 5-15 people 
  • A reasonable transportation and accommodation cost will be added