Metaverse and VR Experience

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The flow of the course:

Let us be your guides to the metaverse...


The main reason the Metaverse is important is due to its industry and process-agnostic nature. Like the internet, one could apply it to virtually any use case – from gaming to work, and socialization to research. It has the potential to transform every aspect of our lives, both in our professional and personal spheres. Therefore becomes important to understand this area of the future.


Don't worry, we'll walk you through the basics and show you how to learn more. During two weeks you will explore metaverse, try virtual reality and meet other participants of our program.

Will I have time for that?

Yes, you will. We will send you self-study materials in advance. The self-study will take you no more than 3 hours. You'll spend another 3 hours after the headset arrives setting up and familiarizing yourself with the virtual reality environment. In both cases, it's up to you how you allocate your time. Then we will meet together at the given time in the virtual reality environment, where you will meet other participants and exchange your experiences during 2 hours. After this meeting you can experiment with the headset all weekend. Afterwards, we'll ask you for feedback and show you how to continue.

How much does it cost?

Price for materials, headset rental include delivery, technical support, 2 hours meeting in VR with facilitators, certificate and invitation to VR community is 333 EUR.

Course of the program


spend 3 hours on introduction to metaverse

Single player

spend 3 hours by experimenting with your headset 


meet and interact with other participants in VR for 2 hours


keep your headset during weekend and try all apps


provide feedback, get your certificate, explore case studies 

Stay with us

be part of our community


Nearest course:

21. 7. 2022 14:00 - 16:00 CET

More details here:


A little theory is needed before you start enjoying yourself with a headset. Dedicate approximately 3 hours for this part.

Learn basic vocabulary - what metaverse is, what is NFT, etc.

(xyz minutes)

Now is time for little practice - visit the most famous virtual worlds (click to enter):

Also learn the seven rules of the metaverse:

Single player

Now you have received your headset (you will have delivery details in advance via email) so it is time to practice 

Step 1 - set your headset and enter to Spatial app

Step 2 - try reccomended apps already installed in your headset - you can find therm in the apps list

Start with First Steps with Quest 2

Games (demo)



Learning and development

VR movies and videos

Step 3 - create your avatar

ODKAZ jak to udělat

Step 4 - call support when needed

If you have any troubles, you can use the online technical support in the time frames you received in your initial email or email us at hello@xrleaders.cz


Let us meet in Spatial


You have the headset for weekend, so you can enjoy all apps - also with your family.


provide feedback, get your certificate, explore case studies 

Stay with us

be part of our community

A hlavně koukejte zaplatit, sdílet na sockách a meti známými - my chceme každý mít do dvou let Bentley