Guide to VR Graduation

1 Introduction to controller

1 joystick

1 to navigate in menus and applications

2 main menu button

1 only on the left controller

2 opens the menu

3 Oculus button

1 only on the right controller

2 short press opens the menu

3 long press resets the orientation of the controller

4 battery cover

1 press against the handle and pull down

5 grip button

1 to grasp the subject in applications

6 trigger

1 to perform an action (like Enter on PC)

2 Headset setting

1 width of straps

  • by moving the plastic clips

2 strap height

  • by velcro

3 lens distance

  • three positions possible

  • a slight pull from or towards the centre

4 volume

  • at any time with the button on the bottom of the headset

3 Guardian boundary system setting 

1 switching on the headset

  • long press the button on the right side of the headset

2 switching to boundary system settings

  • select the field on the small bar furthest left

  • the "Boundary System" field in the middle right

3 mode selection

  • stationary for seated work

4 adjusting the floor height

  • touch the floor with the controller

  • confirm the border according to the instructions on the card

5 adjust settings

  • display the menu at any time in the application and continue as above

4 Connecting to Wi-F

1 Wi-Fi selection

  • if "Wi-Fi selection" does not appear, call up the menu on the left side of the bar

  • select the Wi-Fi box

  • select the network and enter the password

5 Enter the Spatial app

1 application start

  • call up a list of apps by clicking on the "apps" icon on the right

  • find the Spatial icon and click to launch the application

2 entrance to the main room

  • if the "unmute" icon appears, click to turn on the sound

  • select the "team" tab in the "spaces" table

  • click on the room called "your company workshop" (not "your company campfire")

3 after entering the main room

  • leave the camera on in Zoom

  • turn off the microphone in Zoom

  • turn off the sound on your computer

6 Tasks in Spatial

gradually go through all 6 tasks described on the walls

1 wave at yourself in the mirror 

2 create post-it

3 add an object to the gallery

4 draw a cube and put it on top of the others

5 take a selfie

6 připít si s ostatními – až nakonec, všichni společně

If you've made it this far not only on a computer monitor, but also in virtual reality, you've successfully passed your VR graduation.